The PeanutButterGamer Show is Austin's main show. On this show, he chooses a video game, and talks about it. He doesn't like calling them 'reviews' as they really aren't, they are simply talking about a game in a humorous way. PBG regularly sings silly songs during his videos, and notably doesn't swear in his videos. He doesn't swear because he has received fan mail from people who appreciate that he doesn't swear.

Top 10's

As well as the main show, PBG also makes top 10's. The videos work in the same way as the regular videos otherwise, with the same sense of humor and songs sung during the clips.

Zelda Month

In November each year, PBG devotes the entire month to upload videos about The Legend of Zelda. He usually makes between 4-6 videos on his main channel, and has a series on his gameplay channel. Zelda Month first started when Skyward Sword was being released, and PBG has kept the tradition going ever since.