In The Completionist, Jirard, a young bearded gamer, plays a game each week and completes it 100% and reviews. The show was co-created by Jirard's friend Greg, who has since left the show.


He splits the show into six sections. Story is where he goes into detail about most of the game's beggining and middle plot. Presentation is where he discusses the soundtack and graphics of the game, and how they go with the rest of the design.

In gameplay, he discusses the controls of the game, what your character can do, and really just discusses the gameplay. In Final Level, he tells you the end of the plot, and discusses how the game ends. He then goes on to struggle, where he talks about how good or bad the game was for those who wish to complete it. In the end, he gives the game a rating, from best to worst: Complete It, Finish It, Play It, Look At It, and Donate It (or Burn It).

Catchphrases and running gags

The show is filled with catchphrases and running gags usually from Greg. These include the "But Beardman" segment, where Greg asks what he thinks the commenters would say. "BEARS!" which is a one-liner gag originating from the Banjo-Kazooie episode. and "Glitches with Old Man Snitches", where Old Man Snitches would discuss glitches that can be found in the game.

Greg is nicknamed "The Mediocre-ist" due to him not being so good at games, and unable to complete them. However, he has hosted a few episodes on his own where he completed games.