Shane Gill (Did You Know Gaming?)


Full Name
Shane Gill
Date of Birth
April 24, 1989

Shane Gill is the writer and the face behind Did You Know Gaming. Before joining YouTube, Shane was a freelance game developer.

Normal Boots career

Shane began working with Jon, and helped him create Jon's pixelated intro screens. He also helped out with the design of the Normal Boots graphics.

Around May 2012, he started the show Did You Know Gaming, where another YouTuber (usually another Normal Boots member) would host the show by stating unusual facts about a video game franchise.

In 2015, Shane expanded upon the Did You Know Gaming franchise by teaming up with MatPat, the host of Game Theory to start up Film Theory - a new YouTube channel that combined MatPat's Game Theory and Shane's Did You Know Gaming, but about movies. The concept of Did You Know Movies was the same, with YouTubers hosting the show.

Shane has never actually hosted an episode of Did You Know Gaming himself.


  • Shane extremely enjoys vodka.