ScrewAttack is a website that began the careers of many of the Normal Boots and Hidden Block members. This page is dedicated to a description of how each of their successes was because of ScrewAttack.

PBG and JonTron

PBG began putting his early content (around 2010) onto ScrewAttack. Jon did the same thing at around the same time. PBG later contacted Jon on YouTube telling him that he should post his content on other sites as well as ScrewAttack. They soon came up with the idea to form their own website. They were also spotlighted on TGS.


Jared started his YouTube career by actually being a staff member at ScrewAttack. His first videos were his Nametags series. This soon launched him into the main ScrewAttack HQ after working in their store, GameAttack. There he hosted several of ScrewAttack's most popular shows including Hard News, Sidescrollers, Screwin' Around, Newsroom and many others.

Jared left ScrewAttack in 2012, and moves on to his YouTube channel, where he would later be picked up by the Normal Boots team.

The Completionist

Desperate to get his content seen, after making several episodes on YouTube, The Completionist was seen by the ScrewAttack team, and became an affiliate show for a short period of time. The first episode hosted on ScrewAttack was the Super Metroid episode. This very quickly gave The Completionist a huge following, and he left the affiliation after only a few months, as he no longer needed it.


Yungtown posted several of his videos onto ScrewAttack. What helped him get seen was his parodies of Death Battle. These videos were watched many times on ScrewAttack.


Brutalmoose posted his videos on ScrewAttack for a couple of years. While he didn't get as much of an extra following directly from ScrewAttack, through his network through Normal Boots and Hidden Block, he eventually became successful through them.