Satchell Drakes

Full Name
Satchell Drakes
Date of Birth
February 12, 1988

Satchell Drakes is a former member of Normal Boots. His nickname is 'SatchBags', and hosts a show with that name. Satch is a Graphic Designer. The premise of his show SatchBags is to discuss and analyse certain elements of a video game. He also does extensive reviews about games before giving them a ranking of either 'Dope', 'Okay' or 'Meh'.

On May 12, 2019, Satchell announced on Twitter with a formal letter that he will be leaving Normalboots.

Normal Boots

Satchell first joined the Normal Boots team in 2014 alongside ProJared as a part of the Normal Boots relaunch. As well as his own show, he has crossed over into other Normal Boots shows, featuring in the Conker's Bad Fur Day episode of The Completionist, Drunkstravaganza II on Continue? and Terraria Hardcore Season



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