ProReview is Jared's main show.


The ProReview is a review on a video game (or video game cartoon) that Jared takes from his childhood and tries it again to find out why he remembers it for being so good or bad. In the first season of the show, he gave a cold opening introduction, beginning each episode with "I'm playing x" occasionally with a gag or skit.

Jared plays through the game discussing amusing details about the game, before giving it a final score. This isn't a traditional score system, rather the score is based on a metophore or phrase.

Jared originally began the ProReview series with Two Worlds while he was working at ScrewAttack, and expanded upon his show after he left. He made the Two Worlds video because he wanted to make fun of it!

The series is also known for a few other running gags, such as "F*%# you, nature" and "Beeeeeees", both originating from the Hydlide episode.

Jared wants his show to be different by not just simply finding a bad game and reviewing it. He wants to review games that he has played and remembered playing, and to relive that experience for better or worse. This is demonstrated in his Crono Trigger episode, where he gushes about the game for twenty minutes.