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NormalBoots is a collective of influential internet creators with a thriving community of people who love gaming and entertainment.

With over 6.82 million engaged viewers, Continue?, Did You Know Gaming?, PeanutButterGamer, and The Completionist leverage a multitude of social platforms to provide fun and enjoyable videos, livestreams, and live events around the world. NormalBoots was originally founded by JonTron and PeanutButterGamer in 2010 as a website to host videos by several creators and generate ad revenue, and in 2018, was relaunched as a business with its own YouTube Channel and several shows, including "Did You Know Movies?", "Madness", "Drunk Explains", and "Worlds Within Worlds". NormalBoots also operates a Twitch Channel, where include at least one member of NormalBoots, and often other guests or friends of the group.

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Hidden Block is a website and group of creators that features SpaceHamster, Brutalmoose, Jimmy Whetzel, BalrogTheMaster, Yungtown, and Caddicarus. Originally brought together by NormalBoots member, Shane Gill, Hidden Block is often seen as the companion group to NormalBoots. Unlike NormalBoots, Hidden Block has remained a website and group in name rather than a business entity.

Hidden Block has a Twitch Channel, where members of the group and guests occasionally stream together.


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