The Completionist


Full Name
Jirard Khalil
Date of Birth
January 3, 1988

Jirard "Dragonrider" Khalil is the host of The Completionist. Every week on the show Jirard completes a game 100%. Jirard is also known for his large beard, and often uses it as apart of his show, often shaving the whole thing for charity or apart of a gag on the show. He even has a let's play channel named after his beard, "Super Beard Bros".


Work at Normal Boots

The Completionist

As mentioned above, Jirard began working on The Completionist in September 2011 with the first episode on Mega Man X. He took the show onto ScrewAttack to get more publicity, and quickly formed a following. By the end of the year, the show was picked up by Normal Boots. The concept of the show is to complete a game 100% and give a rating on the overall game and whether or not it is worth completing 100%.


As well as Normal Boots, Jirard is the lead producer on, which works in a similar way to Normal Boots, as it combines a group of YouTubers with their content on one site. As well as the Completionist, it also includes Satchbag's Goods (which is also a Normal Boots show), The Dex, Super Beard Bros (a let's play show co-hosted by Jirard), Sunder, Jordan Underneath and more.

Super Beard Bros

Super Beard Bros is a let's play channel hosted by Jirard and his friend Alex. On this show they play video games, with the premise of providing unique trivia about the game. While Jared plays the game, Alex Faciane (his co-host), searches the internet for trivia for the characters, levels and game overall.


  • Jirard has stated numerous times that his favorite game is Donkey Kong Country 2, and when The Completionist was to come to an end, this would be the final game he would review. Music from the game is played over one of the segments of The Completionist.
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