Full Name
Jeff Fabre
Date of Birth
February 13, 1989

Jeff Fabre (aka Space Hamster) is a YouTuber and a member of Hidden Block. On his show, he takes a game and gives a review for it by mocking it and rambling about it. SpaceHamster has been posting on YouTube since 2011. His show has a similar concept to PeanutButterGamer's.

Hidden Block

SpaceHamster launched Hidden Block along with the other members in 2013, and his reviews are posted there.


As well as his own content, Jeff is the former editor of PeanutButterGamer's secondary let's play channel, PBGGameplay (whose editor is now Todd) He has also featured on several series of Hardcore, most famously in Minecraft Season 4, where he alongside the regular members made it to the end of the series.

Together with PBG, in 2015, the pair launched a new spin-off series PB & Jeff, where Austin and Jeff play games together.

Gaming Shows

  • Regular Reviews

​Regular reviews are what Space Hamster posts for a majority of his videos. They range from reviews of games of various genres to top ten lists. 

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