Full Name
Jared Lee Knabenbauer
Date of Birth
August 28, 1985
Heidi Lynn O'Ferrall
Green Bay, Wisconsin. United States
Most Popular Video [Views]
How to Make Slender not Scary [6.600,000+]

Jared Lee Knabenbauer, better known by his Internet alias ProJared, is an American comedian, video game reviewer, and Internet personality. He is known for his YouTube webseries ProJared, in which he reviews video games of varying genres in a fast, retrospective, and comedic manner. He is an active member of the video content hub NormalBoots.

Career prior to Normal Boots

Knabenbauer's Internet career began at the age of 21 with the launch of his YouTube channel "DMJared" on November 20, 2006. He later changed his username to "ProJared" to maintain a brand across multiple platforms, in addition to launching his webseries of the same name. His channel is composed of discussions regarding video games. In joining YouTube before the cultural revolution it spawned, Knabenbauer was able gain a foothold in the video game market, establishing an online media presence.

He began publishing videos on his own YouTube channel in 2010, four years after creating it. His early ProJared videos included reviews of some arguably derided and unfamiliar titles; examples being Two WorldsTwo Worlds IIDrake of the 99 Dragons, and Hydlide.

Knabenbauer spent most of his formulative years in various theatre companies in and around his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Looking to build up some financial security, he took a job at Gamestop as a Retail Store Manager. His experiences in this position would provide fodder for his eventual ScrewAttack Series, Nametags. Having published the videos to ScrewAttack in 2008, this would be a fruitful venture. As the Series led to him being Hired as Store Manager for GameAttack in 2009. This would lead to Knabenbauer moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area the same year. Residing here until May 2016.

Due to declining to renew their lease on the property. GameAttack was closed in 2011. Knabenbauer became a full time Content producer for ScrewAttack as a result. After he was formally hired by ScrewAttack, he became host of Hard News, and co-host of SideScrollers. He also wrote episodes of Video Game Vault and Top Tens. His final project at ScrewAttack was Newsroom.

Between 2010 and 2012, Knabenbauer juggled both his YouTube Channel and his ScrewAttack commitments with levels of success. That was until the release of "How to Make Slender not Scary" on August 3, 2012. This video would become a viral success for Knabenbauer's YouTube Channel. Bringing a substantial amount of attention to his own work. This led to conflict between Jared and ScrewAttack, resulting in Knabenbauer's dismissal from the Company two months later.

While working at ScrewAttack, Knabenbauer wasted no time in taking the opportunity to get to know the Normal Boots team, creating business and personal relationships with many members of the Network, especially Austin and The Completionist.

Normal Boots

Jared's previous Collaborations with multiple members of Normal Boots encouraged them to include him in the 2014 reboot of the Normal Boots Entertainment Network along with Satchbag.



Jared's main show is his ProReview series. This show has Jared make a review about a game that he has a history with, whether good or bad. He usually tries to find out why he loved or hated the game. In his earlier videos, he began each episode with a "cold opening", and starting with a catchphrase "I'm playing <game>". He stopped using the catchphrase as he felt that the joke had run it's course was now, "stupid". He ends each episode with a non-traditional score out of 10, which comes from a metaphore or play on words.

One Minute Review

In addition, Knabenbauer also made a series of short rapid-videos discussing the importance and rating of a certain game, this series was aptly titled One Minute Review.[3] This series would be discontinued after a change in the YouTube monetization strategy.


A critically acclaimed series produced by Jared was a lets play series of Pokemon: FireRed Edition. This lets play was different in that it followed a specific set of Rules. These rules are called "The Nuzlocke system".

The Series would last for 36 episodes, Culminating in Jared defeating the Elite Four in the Final Episode.

The series would launch a micromeme in the form of NUPTUP. An Oddish when first encountered that would last for well over 20 episodes, it would eventually evolve into Gloom and finally VilePlume.

The Nuzlocke series would be a pivitol business venture, as it would encourage the launch of the ProJared Plays Channel.


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