Full Name
Greg Wilmot
Date of Birth
June 10

Greg Wilmot was an original co-host alongside Jirard Khalil on The Completionist. Greg's role on the show was to provide comedy relief, and make jokes and catchphrases. His most famous being "BEARS" originally from the Banjo-Kazooie episode. He is has the catchphrase "But beardman", which he says whenever Jirard and Greg predict what the commenters may say.

He is also nicknamed "The Mediocre-ist" for his inability to actually be able to complete games. There were a few episodes of The Completionist dedicated to Greg completing games as The Mediocre-ist. He also hosted Super Scope Show on the That One Video Gamer network.

In February 2015, it was announced that Greg would leave The Completionist, due to a falling out with Jirard. After leaving That One Video Gamer and Normal Boots, Greg currently hosts On Tour Now.