Did You Know Gaming is a show created by Shane Gill. It started being a show for Normal Boots in May 2011.



Did You Know Gaming is a show where a YouTuber (usually a fellow member of Normal Boots) discusses facts about a particular video game.

The concept expanded into a few different spin offs such as Easter Egg Hunting, hosted by Caddicarus. This show discusses every easter egg and hidden secret contained in a video game, or video game franchise.

Another show called Leftovers was supposed to discuss unused content in video games, and was to be hosted by ProJared, however only one episode was made about The Legend of Zelda.

These shows were shown on the Did You Know Gaming spin-off site


The website launched in 2011 and facts originally were shown with text accompanied by a single image. This soon turned into a video show, hosted by different YouTubers. Eventually, the text based facts would end, and now only the video remain.

Did You Know Movies

In 2015, Did You Know Gaming launched a spin-off. Shane joined MatPat from Game Theory to launch Did You Know Movies, which had the same concept as Did You Know Gaming, except it was about movies instead. MatPat launched his own spin off of his show Game Theory to coincide with Shane's show called Film Theory.

Normal Boots and Hidden Block Hosts

Most of the Normal Boots / Hidden Block hosts have hosted several episodes of Did You Know Gaming. Not including VG Facts, Leftovers etc, this is a list of how many episodes each host has hosted. This is correct as of the Sonic Generations episode in December 2015.

Host Episodes Host Episodes
JonTron 10 Caddicarus 10
PeanutButterGamer 5 Yungtown 9
ProJared 4 Brutalmoose 8
Satchbag 2 Jimmy Whetzel 8
The Completionist 1 SpaceHamster 4
Shane 0 BalrogTheMaster 1
Continue? 0