Comment Hate is a panel from MAGFest 12. It features ProJared, PBG, JonTron and The Completionist. The panel was a discussion about how bad YouTube comments can be.


Date: January 8th 2014



Comment Hate is a panel featuring ProJared, PBG, JonTron and The Completionist. This video is a showcase of the hate that YouTubers get in their comments everyday. Jared is the host and warns people that if they are offended by offensive words, they should reconsider being at the panel.

Jared introduces PeanutButterGamer (as the man who makes Zelda Month last 50 days), JonTron (he may have a video coming out in the next 6-8 months), and The Completionist (a beard so untamed, they stop him at every airport). Jared describes comments on the internet being the absolute worst. YouTube comments are worse than that! The four YouTubers have found examples of comments that they would like to share. Jared begins his PowerPoint presentation, and everyone laughs at Jirard's GIF of him licking his hand. Jared didn't realize the gif would actually play.

Jared begins showing some of the tamer comments that they receive. They over-analyse every comment. The next sense of comments are comments that attack their physical appearance. PBG actually gets written letters about getting a haircut. Also, everyone calls PBG a faggot in every comment. One of Jared's comments calls him "Alienhead shit". Jon finds this hilarious, and for a while it became a running gag between the YouTubers and their fans.

Jon always seems to get the long comments. There are also comments that try to insult their intelligence. Another comment that caught on was someone sending a Tweet to PBG calling him "pee butt gay".

There are other comments shown from Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and the only place worse than YouTube - 4Chan! There are even a bunch of backhand compliments from 4Chan. So, why do they read the comments? Because for every bad comment, there is always a very nice comment too.

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