Full Name
Austin Hargrave
Date of Birth
July 25, 1990
6' 3"

PeanutButterGamer (or PBG for short) is an internet personality that creates videos on youtube.


Austin Hargrave, known on YouTube as PeanutButterGamer (or PBG for short), started his YouTube channel in 2009. He often makes videos such as top 10's and reviews for other games, and has unofficially stated November as "Zelda Month", in which he does videos only regarding the Legend of Zelda series. On his secondary channel, PBGGameplay, he does Let's Play videos, Hardcore series (such as his very popular Minecraft Hardcore videos), and a Collection series where he attempts to achieve all of one item/goal in a game. For example, in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, he collects every mask in the game,  in Wind Waker he visits every island, and in Fallout 3 he collects every bobblehead

Frequent/Recurring Video Series

To Kill An Avatar

In this series, PBG explores the ways in which different video game characters can die. Some of the games he's covered in this series include Mario PartyThe Legend of ZeldaPokemon, and The Sims. The first episode, simply entitled "To Kill An Avatar", was uploaded to YouTube on July 24th, 2010.

However, he no longer does this series on his channel. For now anyway. He has recently uploaded a video that's close to it called "50 Ways To Die In Breath of the Wild."

The G-Files

Throughout this series of video, PBG looks at creepy aspects of his favorite video games, including the Fallout series, MinecraftSuper Mario Galaxy 2, Half-Life 2, and The Legend of Zelda series among others. The first episode of this series was titled The G-Files: Bomberman 64 and was uploaded to YouTube on January 19th, 2011. It uses an excerpt of the theme song from the popular television series The X-Files as an intro, as well as its likeness as a title. He ended this series when he thought that it became unnecessary as there weren't many games to cover, and if there were, he could make a Top 10 video about them instead.

PBG, with one of his favourite N64 games, Yoshi's Story

Top 10

PBG has done many Top 10 lists. The first video on his channel, in fact, was Top 10 Weirdest/Creepiest Video Game Characters and was uploaded on October 19th, 2009. Since then, some notable top tens on the channel include Top Ten Climbers in Video Games!Top Ten Most Annoying Things in Video Games!, Top Ten Title Themes in Video Games!Top Ten Suckiest Enemies in Video Games! and Top Ten Legend of Zelda Games!.

  • On some occasions these lists are Top Five lists rather than Top Tens. Notable top fives include Top Five Revolvers in Video GamesTop Five Zelda Items!Top Five Harvest Moon Games!, and Top 5 Gamblings in Video Games!


PBG Started a series of individual videos dedicated to a game that's files had been altered in different ways, whether it be with cheat codes, or downloading a corruption tool for the game file. This series is currently ongoing, and began with a Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker video, which can be found here.

PBG Gameplay

PBGGameplay is Austin's secondary YouTube channel, and consists of many games that PeanutButterGamer plays while he is not filming any of his main series videos. The uploads on this channel are much more frequent as less editing and polish is required per video. Jeffrey Fabre (also known as SpaceHamster) is editing the PBGGameplay channel. The games he has played consist of:

Minecraft Hardcore

PBG and some other guest YouTubers such as Smooth Mcgroove, ProJared, JonTron, and many iconic YouTubers take part in hardcore-style Minecraft games, meaning that dying grants permanent disqualification from the series, with an end goal in mind (killing the in-game final boss, etc.). Currently six different series have been made, Minecraft Hardcore, Minecraft Hardcore #2, Minecraft Hardcore #3," "Minecraft Hardcore #4," "Minecraft Hardcore #5," and "Minecraft Hardcore #6."

Misc. Hardcore

In these other "Hardcore's", PBG and others play games such as Diablo 3, MineZ, DayZ, and most popularly, Terraria. 


In this series, PBG and SpaceHamster (Jeff) play multiple different games. Some are One-Offs or one episode series, and others are longer consisting of 3-20+ videos. They have played games like Pikmin, Donkey Kong Country 2, MySims Party, and Pokken Tournament.


  • PeanutButterGamer is the YouTube alias of Austin Hargrave.
    • He chose this name because his childhood nickname was "Jiffy" and people would also call him "Jiffy Peanut Butter", and so when making a channel about gaming, he chose PeanutButterGamer because it stood out and he liked the acronym 'PBG'[1]
  • When asked at a convention if he actually liked peanut butter, he jokingly replied that he was allergic, and then admitted that he preferred peanut butter flavored things, rather than peanut butter itself.
  • He joined YouTube on the 16th of January 2009 and his oldest video that is still on his channel is his Top 10 Weirdest/Creepiest Video Game Characters[2].
  • His wife, Danielle Hargrave (also known as Unicornism) is an artist who participated in the making of Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club, a dating sim about the Normal Boots and Hidden Block guys. She is also responsible for his various paintings of Animal Crossing villagers.
  • He is 6 foot 3 inches, or roughly 191 centimeters, tall.


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